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At age 2, Asthma sends this child to the emergency room multiple times. Now 5 years old...
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I started going to Dr. Walls-Kaufman this summer, shortly after I had been diagnosed with Lymes disease. My body was very weak, especially my back, and the left side of my face/neck was in constant discomfort from Bells palsy (partial facial paralysis). I felt like I had no support in my... read more

Welcome to Capitol Hill Chiropractic Center...
Transforming lives through the
power of chiropractic.

One of the Top 10 chiropractic offices in the DC area. Thank you, Craigslist.com

"I love what I do. Every day, I am blown away by the way chiropractic uniquely helps unlock the code of our body's resources to cure a condition, pain or disease. I look forward to helping you discover how powerful your body truly is in healing itself without drugs and slowing down the aging process. Chiropractic will do things nothing else can. We want you to be part of our family, and we'd like to be part of yours!" "

    —Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

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address attendees at The Masters Circle Conference
September 20-22 in Orlando, FL

How chiropractic works - Watch a video from ABC News
   Lower your blood pressure with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic and Athletic Performance
   by our friend Jerry Rice -
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