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Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

I have happily served, and lived in, the Capitol Hill neighborhood for three decades, bringing excellent chiropractic care to my growing group of practice members and friends. I have made it a point to stay on top of all the most researched, most effective
techniques in chiropractic including Chiropractic Biophysics, Upper Cervical and non-force techniques such as Network. I find this versatility invaluable in handling the widest array of patients, even those who are older or face deeper health issues that stress their
health apparatus to the point where they are quite vulnerable to pain and health compromise.

I have found that chiropractic is the third leg in the Holistic Lifestyle because the brain and nervous system are the Master System of the body, and the spinal structure is the “keel of the boat”. If the posture and alignment are off, thereby stressing the Master System, then the “boat”, our body, cannot sail the course to slower aging, optimal health and a pain-free existence. It is well established that 96% of arthritis is caused by bone misalignment. It is also established that arthritis is bankrupting both Medicaid and Social Security Disability. Bone misalignment is therefore a health issue significant enough to steer global economic factors. It is also well established, though little known publicly, that spinal pain almost does not happen without improper alignment and posture.

I have served on the DC Chiropractic Board, and for five years delivered pro bono services to women in crisis at the nationally-known N Street Village Women’s Shelter, I have completed NIH Human Participant Protections Education in order to have participated in chiropractic research, and I am on the Board of the Chiropractic Clinical Guidelines Committee that sets standards for chiropractic clinical practice, and I have lectured on the extensive impact of chiropractic on genetic repair.

I am a serious student and teacher of Tai Chi since 1988, and had a rock band “Land of Malls” for 10 years, and enthusiastically pursue both fiction and nonfiction writing.

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I am a proud Washingtonian from Anacostia, a 1999 graduate of Ballou High School, and I have a daughter, Kennedy, whom I love very much. I have worked in Human Resources with the District of Columbia Public School System. I studied healthcare at Fortis College and I worked at Providence Hospital. I am a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT), and Medical Biller & Coder and served on the National Phlebotomy Association for 3 years.  I have volunteered with the Red Cross and with FEMA.

I began working at Capitol Hill Chiropractic in January 2015 because I just love being a part of helping people and chiropractic makes such an amazing change in people’s health as I learned firsthand from my own first adjustment.