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I am a diabetic and I suffer from blurred vision at times. On my last visit with the doctor I came in with a more advanced case of blurry vision. The doctor decided to use something called the negative z traction on me and by the time I walked out of the office my vision was back and I could drive myself home safely.

C. Joiner


I started going to Dr. Walls-Kauffman this summer, shortly after I had been diagnosed with Lymes disease. My body was very weak, especially my back, and the left side of my face/neck was in constant discomfort from Bells palsy (partial facial paralysis). I felt like I had no support in my body to run or dance like I was used to and because Lymes disease attacks the central nervous system, I had a lot of wacky things going on in my body which neurologists unable to treat. I went to Dr. Walls-Kauffman three times a week for about a month and a half and it made a world of difference in my body. For one, my bells palsy was almost entirely healed. It didn't take the full month and a half to feel a difference - each visit made my body feel more whole. The nerves were seriously rebuilt through his adjustments and the exercises he gave me to do at home. I had more strength to run and felt just all around more aligned and free in my movement. My immune system and digestive system even improved. On a more personal level, Dr. Walls-Kauffman really provided a lot of hope during a time when I was being tested for MS and when Lymes disease seemed to be looming over me on a daily basis. He knows what he's doing, he loves it (and for good reason), and he really cares about his patients.

R. Ashburn


John Stockton, a professional basketball player and future hall of fame. In an April 2, 2002 article that appeared in the Toronto Star, writer Doug Smith asks a question concerning John Stockton's longevity, "What is the secret to you (John Stockton's) continued success on the NBA basketball court at age 40?" Stockton responded, "A Good Chiropractor." When asked to explain his usage of chiropractic John's response was, "I'm not a good enough expert on what that (chiropractic) entails, but it's not just adjustments, it's balancing muscles and overall health." John then added, "It's been great for me, and for my family."

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